fit and fresh




Completing my degree in nutritional science in 2000, I                                                             have always found cooking to be my passion and hobby to try something new every day. A healthy life has been my ultimate goal in life, and this journey I have decided to share my mantra to a fit and good life.

Probably my own personal experience of shedding 35 kgs in a short span of time has motivated me to help others out of the pit of illness.




This page aims to bring you quick and healthy recipes for your overall wellbeing, to keep you active and radiant all through the day. In this fast paced world, people tend to forget the necessities of the body leading to common health issues like anaemia.
Through this page, I aim to bring you few recipes that u can try to boost your health back to 10. Illness doesn’t always mean cutting down of food, with the proper guidance one can easily regain on health without sacrificing much on mindful cravings.
By following these recipes, I can assure you that well being is in your way and you can come back to the bon vivant person you dream of.
Nothing but a nutritious diet can make you more refreshed on a busy and hard day of work. Creativity involves breaking out of the established pattern in order to look at things in a different way, keeping this in mind I have broken down and modified some of the traditional recipes to make them easier and healthier to suit the fast pace of modern life.